What Does Your Lingerie Say About You?

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by Vie on September 28, 2011

It is inevitable that lingerie has become part of our necessity and I must say wearing lingerie to bed is a luxury to me. Although I normally sleep with my hubby’s t-shirts or tanks but there are times when I wanna feel sexy and pretty in lingerie. With so many types of lingerie out there, it’s always fun to choose which suits us the most and this inspires me to write about it. I had good time writing about the relation between bags and personalities and I’m glad my readers and friends are enjoying that fun post. Again, I’m no psychologist, this is purely my personal opinion! : )

Babydolls Playful and Sweet

1. Victoria’s Secret Satin Babydoll. US$48. 2. Victoria’s Secret Chiffon and Lace Babydoll. US$48.

Most of my girlfriends who choose baby doll say that the reason why they prefer this particular style is because they can move freely in it and it’s usually very comfortable. And not just that, baby dolls are often sweet looking and tend to give you that playful vibe. I don’t know about you but baby doll is on top of my list.

Chemise Sexy and Flirty
1. Jezebel Red Chemise. US$34. 2. Elle Macpherson Obsidian Lace Chemise. US$125.

Chemise is my second choice for nightwear. I always feel sexy and alluring whenever I put my chemise on. Maybe because the fact that it’s figure flattering that makes it so flirty. Choose cotton for comfort and other material for a sexy show!

Camisoles Laid Back and Girly
1. Juicy Couture Ruffle and Lace Cami. US$48. 2. 3.1 Philip Lim Silk Camisole. US$165.

There’s nothing more relaxing and feminine than a camisole. Good thing about this nighty top is that not only can you wear them indoor but also outdoor. For extra girly touch, go for a silky one. They’re so pretty and totally comfortable. You can never go wrong with shiny and cozy cami.

Corset Elegant and Confident
1. Charlotte Russe Ribbon Trim Corset. US$22.50. 2. Stella McCartney Satin Corset. US$340.

Corset has been around for many many years and the reason why women love this underwear is for the fact that it tightens up your body right and enhances your curves. For that reason I decided to call you corset ladies, elegant and confident. Elegant for the designs that usually revolve around satin and lace, confident because you know you will definitely look hot in it ; )

Teddy Daring and Seductive
1. Victoria’s Secret Floral Lace Teddy. US$30. 2. Arianne Catherine Teddy. US$70.

Teddies are my least favorite lingerie to wear, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like looking at them. As a matter of fact, I’ve found so many cute and daring ones. For those who choose teddies to be their sleepwear, I’d say you must be pretty daring and seductive. This is definitely another good way to wrap your body and to tease at the same time.

So what do you think ladies? What type of lingerie are you? : )

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Jezebel Black Ruffle Babydoll

I have no clue why Jezebel named this a Celebrity babydoll but my guess is that when you put it on, you can act like any star you want because it surely can boost your confidence, just like that. I mean, take a closer peek at this baby, from the curves, ruffles, ribbons and lace, everything is designed to serve your figure just right. Made of imported nylon and spandex, jury of the room, what’s your verdict on this black temptation? US$49.

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Jezebel’s Red Zipper Chemise is Beyond Your Imagination

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by Vie on December 20, 2010

Jezebel Red Zipper Chemise

If there’s one color to portray wild and hot, that would be red. You can never go wrong looking fierce in red. For that matter, Jezebel has created this one of the kind, sexy and super flirtatious “Zip it Up” chemise. As you can see, the label says it all, this body fitting and extra flattering nightie is embroidered with fancy zippers, making it stands out of your other lingerie. Dare to be different and take charge with this US$49 temptation.

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Jezebel New Pink Camidoll: Say Hello to Ruffle Galore

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by Vie on November 22, 2010

Jezebel Pink Ruffle Babydol

I’m a huge fan of ruffles, especially when it comes to lingerie. I find that ruffles are not only flattering but also very feminine, which is why I got my eyes all over this new pink camidoll from Jezebel. Made of nylon/spandex, isn’t this pretty little thing just adorable? I absolutely dig the empire waist style, it’s very classic and not to mention, very comfortable. This camidoll also comes with matching hipster, all for a good price of US$49. Definitely a deal you cannot miss!

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