Kitson Silver Plated Bracelet

Girls are born to shop. Whether it’s a lil’ shopping or a really big one, I gotta say that a purse & a credit card seem to be our best friends. Well of course, Kitson figured that out already & came up with this metallic charm bracelet. Wrap it around your wrist, look stylish, and shop till you drop, girlfriends! ; )

Priced at £20.

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Kitson Paparazzi Charmbracelet

Do you know that Paparazzi song from Lady Gaga? Pretty catchy, don’t you think? Now, this £27 new charmbracelet from Kitson totally reminds me of the song. Very catchy, not to mention stylish. Made of gold plated metal with oxidized silver, this chunky double chain bracelet is all about having a good time!

I guess there’s always a bit of paparazzi in every one of us.

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