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by Vie on April 26, 2013

My final coverage of the showcase would be about Tulola Jewelry. I was lucky to have a chance to chat with the designer herself, Ms. Sri Luce Rusna (third from the left). Looking from the uniqueness, softness and elegance of the jewelry, you will know instantly how talented, passionate and inspired this  young lady is when it comes to art and glam.

Tulola Team

Tulola jewelry was created approximately 6 years ago, the same year as the birth of Ms. Luce’s daughter. In fact, that’s where she got the name from — PuTu Lola, I thought it was really sweet and not to mention cute! I also got a chance to meet the little girl at the showcase and she was such a doll.

Tulola Tools

Based in Bali, all jewelry in Tulola are meticulously hand-made using simple yet powerful tools. So you can imagine how amazing the details are, and how careful yet gentle each finger is when crafting the jewels before transforming them into such perfection.

Tulola Northern Star Collection

The feeling I get when I look at the jewelry is a mix between romance and independence — Romantic for the softness and gallant of the style (I’m not into heavy-complicated designs), independent because at the same time I can sense a strong emotion and boldness. To be honest with you, this is the feeling I often get every time I’m browsing through Tiffany & Co! (and you know how much of a Tiffany girl I am! ; )

Tulola Precious Rings

Using only fine materials of gold, silver and precious stones, everything was gracefully displayed in a cute mini garden setting. Me and my friends were having such a good time “window-shopping” their latest collection. They were such a treat to our eyes and not to mention to our skin! What’s best, the Tulola team was kind enough to let us try some of their special collection.

So, if you want to have your very own Tulola dose, you may contact them through here. I guarantee that you would be very pleased with their service and amazing quality.

Tulola Rings

Tulola Amethyst Necklace
The beautiful Amethyst necklace that caught most of the attention.

Tulola Snake Rings
To welcome the year or Snake, here’s one of their latest inspirations.

Tulola Winner

The lucky winner who gets the IDR500,000 (US$50) voucher, who also happens to be a dear friend of mine! I guess you are allowed to have a big grin when you can bring Tulola home! ^_^

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