What is the Best Choice between Embroidery and Screen Printing?

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by Vie on November 29, 2016


Creating quality items for your business to use as promotional products can be a very important part of your overall marketing strategy today. You want the items that you give away to employees and potential customers to be something that they are not only glad to wear but will help them to fell a strong connection to your business. This will make it much more likely that they will turn to you time and again for products and services and work to support you well. It is up to you to make sure that you choose quality in the t-shirts, hats, jackets and polos you have made on your behalf and you may wonder – what is the best choice between screen printing and embroidery in Minneapolis today?

The Argument for Screen Printing

Getting screen printing work done for your items certainly has its advantages for you. Screen printing allows you to have items created for much less of a cost than embroidery work will be, saving you money on your marketing budget and allowing you to purchase more items for use. The screen printing process is faster as well, allowing for a quicker turnaround time from your distributor to you so you can get the items that you want quickly if you have a business convention or local promotion coming up soon. Companies are able to digitize artwork for screen printing and have the colors come out more exact with this process, providing you with a clear and colorful picture for your items if that is what you choose.

The Argument for Embroidery

Getting items embroidered can be a great choice as well. Embroidery is considered to be much more durable than shirts or other clothing items that may be screen printed. The embroidery is directly sewn on to the items in question and will look fantastic and last for a long time, unlike screen printing which will begin to fade as the items are washed. The embroidery processes have been improved upon greatly over recent years thanks to advancements in computers and technology so that the process can be completed faster than before and with much greater accuracy, allowing you to create embroidered items that look amazing. You can get shirts, hats, jackets, tote bags and many other items embroidered today that can be a proud representation of your business.

The ultimate choice of screen printing versus embroidery and what is better really comes down to which suits your needs for a particular item the best and what your budget may be for these promotional and marketing items. If you are trying to decide between embroidery and screen printing in Minneapolis MN and want to know what your best options are, take the time to speak to EmbroidMe to discuss what they can do for you. EmbroidMe is one of the largest providers of promotional products and can provide you with the best options available for any items that you want to help in marketing your business.

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