You Can Stay Under My Umbrella

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by Vie on November 6, 2010

It’s been a relaxing day so far, thanks to the heavy rain we had. I feel bad for my dog though, he really doesn’t like it, especially rain with thunder. That’s why he’s been hiding in the gazebo all morning. And now the sun is finally up, still feeling humid and the ground isn’t completely dry yet but I decided to do my laundry and hang them dry, because you can never predict weather in Bali. Might as well cherish the sun while it’s out.

So as I was enjoying the sound of the rain, I was also thinking what to write and being inspired by the drops, I decided I’m gonna write about umbrellas. I must say carrying an umbrella is one of my pet peeves. My mom who visited recently gave me her folded umbrella because she knows I would never buy one. And only because I love her and I don’t want her to worry, I’ve been carrying it in my bag.

Anyway I’ve been browsing through some fashion sites, trying to look for umbrellas and to my surprise, I found so many stylish and cute looking ones. I feel so left out now! Here are some of my finds that I thought you might like. Suddenly, I’m looking forward to having more rain! (I’m sorry, Darius ; )

PS: Darius is my lovely German Shepherd.

Burberry Heart Umbrella. US$125.

Felix Rey Rain Rain Go Away. US$65.

Marc Jacobs Miss Marc Umbrella. US$48.

Echo Ruffled Umbrella. Available in black, grey, blue and green. US$28.

Marc Jacobs Wild at Heart Umbrella. US$48.

Ed Hardy Umbrella, available in purple, blue and green. US$55.

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