Your Socks in One Year

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by Vie on January 10, 2007


Every time I look at socks, my mind goes to the time when I was still living at the old home. My house is attached to the office and factory — yes, my dad produced socks.. and not just socks, there were custom made. I still remember that I was the coolest kid in school because I always had the latest and hottest socks. I even asked one of the guys to make me custom Doraemon socks lol.. oh boy, joyful memories.

And now, I proudly present you a year full of socks, each month you get to keep a pair and each month, you get to wear different designs. For example, hearts for February, flowers for May, and flags for July. They even give you a bonus of the 13th pair for the birthday month. How cute is that huh?

All socks are sold in Signals. Get 13 pairs for US$64 and 6 pairs for US$32.

Don’t you just love socks?

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