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The moon and the stars are often used as symbols in poetry or love stories. No wonder they are associated with romance and lovers. Speaking of those, what better way to get beautiful, romantic and stylish at the same time than having this mismatch asymmetrical earrings from Sashi?

I simply love the delicate and attention to details on this piece. Made of colorful enamel and shiny crystals, you may match them with your simple cocktail dress.

Priced at $45, they are also plated in 18k gold. A pretty sweet deal I’d say!

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My sister got me a nice little Pandora Tennis bracelet a few months ago and I have worn it ever since. It is sorta a reminder of how much I love her. What’s best is she also wears the same one! I like the fact that it is classic and quite simple yet elegant. It also makes a perfect addition to my daily jewelry.

This Summer, Pandora is celebrating the sun and the sea with fabulous splash of colors (and cocktails!). Ladies, get ready to be charmed away by their fun and playful jewels; starting from the charms, stacked rings and pendants to their signature bracelets. With beautiful combination of true blue, you will adore what they have for you. They really are the color of Paradise.

If Summer happens to be your favorite season of the year, then you should definitely celebrate it with these lovely goodies from the queen of charms. Have fun browsing through this Summer treat!

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When you are looking for a particular piece of jewelry either as a gift to someone else, a gift for yourself or even as an engagement ring, you might be a bit overwhelmed by all of the choices that you find when you visit your local jewelry store, go to the mall and look at the jewelry available or even shop online. There are so many different pieces available today that it can be difficult for you to know just what might be best and what is of top quality. The other issue you may run into is that a lot of what you see in many jewelry stores looks the same over and over again. If you want something that is truly special, you might be better off selecting a loose diamond to create the particular piece that you want. You may wonder why it can be better to choose loose diamonds Houston has today and there are a few reasons why it can benefit you to shop in this manner.

Many More Options for You

If you take the time to go to a place that offers loose diamonds, you will find that there are vastly more options available to you when it comes to choosing the type of stone that you want. Stones that are already preset in engagement rings, bracelets, necklaces or diamond earrings may not have the exact look that you want in the jewelry you are going to purchase, if you are allowed to select the diamonds on your own, you can be sure to get a top quality gem that has the clarity and cut that you want the most. This will allow you to custom create just the piece that you want.

It Can Save Your Money

A lot of people do not realize that when you take the time to make use of loose diamonds and create your own custom setting, you very often will end up spending a lot less than what you would if you were to buy a ring or other piece of jewelry that has been preset and premade. The reason for this is that preset diamonds and diamond jewelry of this nature is often subject to a tremendous markup in price. If you are choosing your own diamond and creating the piece on your own, you have greater control over every aspect of the peace and can actually save money in this manner.

A key to selecting quality loose diamonds for the jewelry that you want is to go to a source that provides an excellent diamond selection at a price that works well for you. If you take a look at some of the discount jewelers in Houston available today, you will find that Intercontinental Jewelers can provide you with everything you are looking for. Intercontinental Jewelers offers the best quality loose diamonds available and can custom create settings for you in any type of jewelry you desire so you can be sure that you purchase a piece of jewelry that is ideal for you and at the perfect price.

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Introducing Star Harvest Jewelry

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by Vie on August 9, 2016


“The jewelry of love, For the ones & moments loved.” Isn’t this a wonderful saying? Well, that’s exactly the value from lovely Star Harvest Jewelry. I recently received 2 beautiful piece of jewelries from them and  I can’t begin to tell you how excited I was (I still am now) to share with you what I think about them.

Before I get to the products, let me tell you a little bit about Star Harvest Jewelry. It is established in Dongguan, China, 2005, and specialized in 925 sterling silver jewelry and quality brass jewelry. They provide wide variety designs of earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, jewelry sets, cufflinks etc. What makes them special are these qualifications of advanced CNC machine, SGS, ISO 9001 certification, 400,000 pcs/monthly capacity, 80-100 new arrivals monthly, fast delivery within 3 days and professional sales team.

Professional and very friendly, if I may add. They speak very good English, and well-communicative.


First piece that I get was this beautiful Heart-Shaped Necklace made out of silver plated in rhodium. It is beautiful for casual wear or on your date nights.

Second piece is the lovely White Thin Micro Pave Single Bangle.  Adorned with high quality AAA Quality CZ stone, this silver 925 bangle is beautifully polished and nicely finished.


Whether you want to get gift for your loved ones or yourself, you can definitely consider Star Harvest Jewelry as one of your options. Their unique, sophisticated, delicate and feminine designs would captivate your heart for sure. Not to mention the simplicity and affordable price but with great long lasting quality. Good news is if you are interested to be their wholesaler, they can also provide that option for you.

I suggest you to check their website for more lovely goodies.

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Can’t believe it is November already, soon it will be Thanksgiving and next thing you know, it’s Christmas! Of course there’s one important event in between and that is the famous Black Friday! If you plan on treating yourself or your loved ones something nice and sweet, you might wanna pay attention to this post.

I was recently contacted by Jeulia Jewelry and they told me that they’re having a special Jeulia Black Friday 2015 jewelry deals; and if rings are your thing, then it must be your lucky time, because the Black Friday deal is all about rings! These include unique looking engagement and party rings that are made of high quality rhodium plated with 925 sterling silver. They are made from various gemstones that are beautifully cut into endless designs, not to mention fancy and sparkling colors.

What I love about this particular brand is the fact that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to get their fancy collection. For example, you can get the ring of your dreams starting at only $75.95! You can also be sure of their fantastic quality, beautiful and creative styles.


Not only do they offer glamorous ring collection, they also have elegant bracelets and necklaces. The concept behind Jeulia Jewelry is definitely fashion and beauty. Every jewelry is stunningly designed and  inspired by stylish and modern women. So if sophistication is what you are looking for, you would adore this brand. For those of you who often attend special or big events, Jeulia Jewelry would be your perfect sidekick. Whether you want to go elaborate or simple, they have pretty much everything you’re looking for.

And not only that, their customer care is beyond excellent. Everything is handled professionally, from the moment you place your order until you receive the product in your hands.

When you buy Jeulia Jewelry, you will also get certificate of excellence for the 925 silver, and as a bonus, your Jeulia will be packed luxuriously in a pretty box that you can use to restore your precious jewelry. It is no surprise that they have become one of the most favorite gifts for every holiday season; be it Christmas, Valentine, birthday or even engagement and marriage.

Affordable, great quality, fantastic style, marvelous customer service, amazing packaging and speedy delivery. What more can you ask for from a jewelry store?

Here’s one of their happy customers telling us how much she loves Jeulia Jewelry.

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