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Be Ethnically Pretty With Treasure Jewelry

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by Vie on August 19, 2013

Women can never get enough of jewelry. We always find reasons to add more to our personal collection because women and jewelry can’t be separated! Jewelry is essentials especially when it comes to fashion emergency. It’s amazing how a plain white tee can look so different with a touch of long necklaces or chokers, and how a pair of earrings can freshen up your look just like that. I personally love bracelets and bangles. So, if you’re into jewelry like most women are, then I have good news to share. I recently found this good website that actually does wholesale, it’s TreasureJewelry and they’ve been in business for almost 30 years (established in NY in 1984). What makes it so special is not only the good deal but also the unique collection offered. Using mostly bones, Cowrie shells and glass beads, this shop is all about going ethnically natural. I’m particularly interested in their African fashion jewelry. I don’t normally go crazy over ethnic jewelry but these ones are beautiful. Besides jewelry, they also sell bags, scarves up to pill boxes! All in affordable and reasonable prices. You definitely can’t pass this superb deal ladies!

1. The African Fashion Jewelry.
Treasure Jewelry African

Aren’t they just gorgeous! I love the color combination and also the simple yet interesting pattern. If you’re into burst of colors, then these African jewelry are totally yours!

2. The Bags.
Treasure Jewelry Ethnic Bags

Having designer bags is always a pleasure but once in a while, it’s always good to go back to something more down to earth, like these beautiful cotton bags. Don’t you just love the pretty colors and unique prints? I know I do!

3. Pill Boxes.
Treasure Jewelry Pill Boxes

I’m not joking when I said they also made pill boxes, because here they are, looking all pretty and quite glamorous I must say : ) If you’re not a pill person, then no worries, you can always put something else in these pretty little trinkets!

There you have it ladies, jewelry you can definitely treasured for, and since they have them in wholesale, you can buy and share them with your lovely girlfriends, too!

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7 Accessories to Cool Off Your Summer

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by Vie on May 12, 2013

There is no better way to wear your mint right than Summer time. When it’s hot outside, it is time to stay cool and fresh. One of the tricks is to have mint wrapped around your skin! That’s why today’s post is all about looking nice and cool. I’ve always had soft spot for pastel colors and mint is definitely one of them. So instead of just having a glass of cold lemonade in your hand, you can also accessorize your way to the top with these fabulous collection!

Mint Jewelry

1. The Time is Bright Watch. US$34.99.
Let’s start with this super cute looking watch. Made out of plastic and silicone, the double-strap is interesting enough to match with your casual day look and not to mention the sweet minty color that is totally irresistible. Wear it with a smile!

2. Emcee Squared Necklace. US$27.99.
To get more elegant and classy look, you can totally count on this beautiful squared necklace. A gorgeous combination of plated gold and shiny mint, your Summer dress couldn’t look better!

3. Bow and Arrow Earrings. US$12.99.
Feeling rather cute? Then this set is what you’re looking for. You can never escape from bows when it comes to looking all girly and sweet and this set is just fine and dandy!

4. Retro Rosie Bracelet. US$9.99.
For something more romantic and classy, wrap your wrist with something simple and sweet, like this retro looking bracelet. I totally love the cute little roses, it is a good way to freshen things up!

5. Retro Rosie Ring. US$8.99.
Well you got the bracelet, now it’s your turn to match it up with the ring! A perfect combination to sway your hot days away!

6. New Addition Bracelet. US$24.99.
Add this in your overall fashion and you’ll get the cool-classy style! What I like about this bracelet is the boldness with elegant geometric cut. Perfect for your office hours or casual hang-outs, you choose.

7. Olivia Burton As Time Flutters By Watch. US$111.99.
You would want to take a glance at your watch all the time if you have this precious little thing with you. Not because you’re bored but only because this minty watch looks so good! I adore the butterfly, the color and even the gold! A total must-have for every mint-a-holic!

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My final coverage of the showcase would be about Tulola Jewelry. I was lucky to have a chance to chat with the designer herself, Ms. Sri Luce Rusna (third from the left). Looking from the uniqueness, softness and elegance of the jewelry, you will know instantly how talented, passionate and inspired this  young lady is when it comes to art and glam.

Tulola Team

Tulola jewelry was created approximately 6 years ago, the same year as the birth of Ms. Luce’s daughter. In fact, that’s where she got the name from — PuTu Lola, I thought it was really sweet and not to mention cute! I also got a chance to meet the little girl at the showcase and she was such a doll.

Tulola Tools

Based in Bali, all jewelry in Tulola are meticulously hand-made using simple yet powerful tools. So you can imagine how amazing the details are, and how careful yet gentle each finger is when crafting the jewels before transforming them into such perfection.

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Dolce & Gabbana Cameo Earrings

Earrings are my least favorite jewelry. However, when I see this new pair from Dolce & Gabbana, I must say that I totally approve! I have a soft spot for cameo style and since this Fall/Winter 2012 is full of cameos, I just need to include this set to my finding. Made out of gold plated brass with glass pearls, they are hand-painted into such perfection, leaving you nothing but a sense of awe. Wear them for your formal or non-formal events and let all eyes be on you! US$695.

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Marni Macrame Crystal Bib Necklace

Some of you might not be too familiar with bibs, but let me tell you how amazing they are. Not only do they save you from accessory malfunction, they also make good shirt decor. Like this particular one from Marni. It changes your plain tees into something more fashionable and elegant, just like that. Although you might need to invest more on this certain accessory but trust me, it’s worth it. This lovely new bib from Marni has caught my eye the moment I saw it. I can just imagine how gorgeous it would be on top of dark/pale colored shirts. It is a chic contrast between white glossed cotton blend Macrame with beautiful pink crystals, clear and white resin beads. For being so gorgeous and delicate, this bib deserves to be on our spotlight this week! US$590.

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